Quality Service Makes a Difference!

At TLC, we handle most repairs associated with various types of printers, machines, and systems. Of the many services we perform at TLC, our specialty is re-working your current system to improve its overall performance and eliminate nagging inconsistencies that can develop after your system has been in use for any length of time. We will evaluate your system and show you how and where we can make improvements to increase the overall productivity of your system. TLC uses only the highest quality components. We offer both on site and bench repair services. TLC also specializes in older model applicators that may no longer be available. We offer a large inventory of parts and can source most components.

24/7 Service: (817) 680-8721


24-Hour Emergency Service

Have you ever had a problem after 5pm on a Friday and tried to contact your supplier for service or technical help? We know that down time is very costly and unproductive, so at TLC we offer a 24-hour emergency service and phone technical help to all of our customers at any time. Not only do we offer the best service and prices available, we guarantee our work and professionalism.

  • On-Site and Depot Repair
  • On-Site Installation
  • On-Site Training